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Below is what we currently carry from Cougar. Please do not call for other products under this label as we must purchase in case lots only.
If you are entering this page from a search engine, please note that:
Should there be a complaint on a Cougar product purchased from J. Seigel Footwear, please contact us. For consumer information re other Cougar product, complaints, etc please contact the retailer who sold you the product, or call:
Cougar at 1-888-COUGAR-1

Temperature rating is approximate, and is based on high activity. Moving slowly would not be as warm, and standing still would be the coldest.
People who always have cold feet should:
A. make sure their boots are large enough, as a tight boot is a cold boot
B. buy a boot warmer than their needs

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ORIGINAL by Cougar (for women)
Description:A classic style in water proof leather
. Removable insole
. Average width
. Red fleede linig
. Rated to -30oC/ -22oF, dependent on activity level

Based on initial in-store test fits, we find this boot fits marginally longer than marked, but an average width. Opinion of J.Seigel Footwear only.

Sizes:black 8,9,10,11 (full sizes)
tan 7,8,9,11
red 8,9
Price:$229.98 Cdn.

COMO 2 by Cougar (for women)
Description:Ladies' pullon/lace with waterproof nylon upper
. Polar plush lining
. Rated to -30oC/ -22oF, dependent on activity level

Initial in-store test fits shows these boots fitting approximately 1/2 size longer than marked. Opinion only of J.Seigel Footwear inc.

Sizes:black 6,9,
gunmetal 7,8,10
Misc:Now on sale!!
Reg. $149.98, now:
Price:$99.98 Cdn.

Serge by Cougar (for men)
Description:Men's lace-up winter boot
. Waterproof synthetic upper
. Removable insole
. Polar plush lining
. Rated to -30C based on activity level
Sizes:black 8-13 full sizes
Misc:Now on sale!!
Reg. $149.98, now:
Price:$129.98 Cdn.

Baker by Cougar (for men)
Description:men's lace winter boot
. Removable insole
. Waterproof synthetic upper
. Rated to -22F/ -30C dependent on activity level
Sizes:black 9,10,11,12,13
Misc:Now on sale!!
Reg. $139.98 Cdn., now;
Price:$119.98 Cdn.

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