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Below are some of the Clark's shoes being carried in our store. We can sell anything that is in our store, but highly recommend in-store fitting to avoid costly shipping expenses.
Product that is in our store is returnable. We are pleased to try and special order any product in the Clark's warehouse, but will only order such an item on a final sale basis.
Due to dollar and duty differentials, prices are probably lower in the USA. As a result we are quoting in Canadian prices only.

To visit the Clark's website click here.

PLEASE NOTE: This website is not 'interactive'. Use the ORDER link at the top left hand side of this page, select method of ordering, and then enter product details onto the secure on-line order form or fax page.

Wave Andes by Clarks (for women)
Description:Ladies' supportive walking shoe
. Waterproof leather
. Removable insole
. Rocker forefoot
Sizes:stock as of may 2017

black narrow 7.5-10,11
black medium 7.5-10,11

sage narrow 8-10
sage medium 7-10,11
sage wide 8,9,9.5

Price:$179.98 Cdn.

Leisa Lacole by Clarks (for women)
Description:Ladies' step-in sandal with two adjustable leather straps
. Cushioned insole
Sizes:stock as of Aug.10

black N 9,10
black M 7,8-10

pewter N 7.5,8.5,9,9.5
pewter M 6,6.5,7,8,8.5,9
pewter W 7.5-10

red M 8-10

Misc:Now on sale!!
Reg. $109.98, now:
Price:$79.98 Cdn.

Ensboro Pace by Bostonian (for men)
Description:Mens' dress shoe with unit leather sole ideal for formal occasions
. Removable insole
Sizes:made D & EE to size 15

Primarily stocked EE 9.5-11

Missing sizes/ widths, if available may be ordered on a final sale basis

Price:$189.98 Cdn.

Charton Step by Clarks (for men)
Description:Men's slip-on
Double gored for less pressure to the top of the foot
. Removable insole
. Light-weight and cushioned
. Rocker forefoot
Sizes:stock May 2017

wide black 9-11.5
XW black 9.5,10.5,11,12
brown special order

Price:$169.98 Cdn.

Charton Vibe by Clarks (for men)
Description:Men's tie
Double gored for less pressure to the top of the foot
. Removable insole
. Light-weight and cushioned
. Rocker forefoot
Sizes:stock May 2017

medium black 9.5-12,13
wide black 9-11.5

brown wide 11

Price:$169.98 Cdn.

Un Ravel by Clarks (for men)
Description:Men's casual tie
. Leather lined
. Removable leather insole
. Cushioned rubber outsole
N 10-12
M 9-12,13,14
W 8.5-12,13
XW 9.5-12

brown Wide 9.5-11.5

This shoe is made up to size 17 in assorted widths in black and brown. We can special order (if available) missing product, but sizes not normally stocked in our store are strictly final sale.


Please add $5 for sizes 14+

Price:$199.98 Cdn.

Cushox Step by Clarks (for men)
Description:Men's double gored slipon with removable insole
Sizes:black med. 9-12,13
black wide 9-12
Price:$169.98 Cdn.

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